College situated in 17 acres with 3562 sq.ft its college with ground floor and first floor with following facilities.

Physical  Infrastructure

Presently the college is situated at the  beautifully designed  college campus with enough accommodation, spacious class rooms with adequate ventilation and lighting  Laboratories  like Anatomy and Physiology, Fundamental lab, Community lab, Pediatric lab, Biochemistry lab, Nutrition lab and Maternal Child Health lab are well equipped with enough articles.

Fundamental Lab


Fundamental lab helps the students to acquire the knowledge and skill regarding various nursing procedures.


Fundamental lab is benefit for all the students like GNM, B.Sc(N), PB.B.Sc(N), M.Sc(N) for to practice the various nursing procedures and to improve the clinical skill.

Community Health Nursing

The community Health Nursing Lab is designed to assist students in developing expertise and in-depth understanding in the field of urban and rural areas. It  would help students to appreciate holistic lifestyle of individuals, families and groups and develop skills to function as community health nursing specialist/practitioner. It would further enable the students to function as an educator Manager and researcher in the field of community health Nursing.

The community Health Nursing lab is fully equipped with articles like infant and adult weighing scale. BP apparatus(Manuals and electronics),Musical equipments such as villu,Thalam and displayed on charts,models,posters,flash cards, flip charts flannel board, puppets to create awareness among community people regarding preventive,promotive and curative aspects.adequate community bags and articles are available for GNM and B.Sc(N),PBBSC(N) and post graduate Students.All the Nursing Students are benefited from the community Lab.

Anatomy Lab

The best place to learn human Anatomy is in an anatomy laboratory.  In our college, anatomy lab is designed to assist students to acquire the knowledge of the normal structure of human body and function.  It also induce the students to understand the alternation in anatomical structure and function in disease and practice of nursing.

In our anatomy lab, equipped with anatomical charts, dissectible models of organs, an articulated skeleton, single bones, full skeleton assorted bone, specimens are available.

Students of various courses like General Nursing and Midwifery, Bachelor degree, Post Basic B.Sc Nursing, Post graduate students were utilizing the lab for case presentation, learning in detail the structure and functions of the different organs and systems in the human body, demonstration on structures of human organs.

Students are visiting Anatomy lab in Medical College in Addukamparai to see cadaver parts of the body.

Peadiatric Lab

The Child Health Nursing lab helps the students to gain knowledge and develop skill in providing nursing care to children & neonates with various disorders and related nursing procedures.

The lab is equipped with articles like infant weighing scale, infantometer, resuscitation models, O2 administration devices, surgical equipments, Intubation equipments, nasal catheters, specimen collection bottles.  Two baby manikin is available with all accessories to practice cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. Play items appropriate for each age group are displayed.  There are charts and models displayed on congenital and acquired conditions, mile-stone development, breast feeding, immunization, child  abuse dehydration assessment, protein energy mal-nutrition.

The students of III year GNM, III year B.Sc (N), I year Post Basic B.SC(N), M.Sc(N) Child Health speciality are benefited form this lab.

Nutrition Lab

Nutrition lab helps the students to acquire the knowlodge and skill regarding various cooking demonstrations.


  • Demonstrate skill in selection,preparation and preservation of food.
  • To know the rcommended daily allowances of patients with various diseases.
  • Enhance the students to gain knowledge regarding nutitional assessment and education.
  • Helps the students to formulate menuplan for various diseases.
  • Helps the students develop skills in Management of Nutitional disorders.

Class Room

There is 12 classrooms with adequate furniture, table chair, lighting & fans, spaceous, ventilated..

Smart Board

There with Computer attached so that it helps to teach modern technologies and anatomy & physiology with picture update the student knowledge.


Well furnished hostel with spacious rooms with attached bathroom, adequate lighting and ventilation are provided. Enough furniture like cots, lockers and chairs are given. Delicious food are provided. Whole hostel is mosquito proofed. Purified drinking water supply is provided at all time. Hostel discipline is maintained; rules and regulation are written and followed. Wardens are taking care of the hostel round the clock. Adequate personnel for cleaning and washing are there.


Three buses and two vans&car are available to utilize for clinical field visit in urban and rural centre and for various observational visit to government and private college .