Chatbot use cases: 25 real-life examples

10 Best Chatbot Use Cases in Real-Life for Each Industry

Chatbot Use Cases

AI has completely transformed e-commerce chatbots from conventional systems into effective, intelligent tools. Here’s everything you need to know about e-commerce chatbots and how you can use them to the benefit of your business. Melody collects symptoms from patients and summarizes them to doctors. Since diagnosing is pattern matching, it is not inconceivable that chatbots will one day be diagnosing us and prescribing our medicine. In times of great pressure on the medical staff and shortage of health workers, these bots could perhaps save lives by bypassing the need of visiting a human doctor. We compiled a list of 25 successful chatbot examples and example scripts from different applications.

  • They can assist users in finalizing reservations by collecting necessary information, such as traveller details and payment data.
  • Depending on your business industry, needs, and tool features, you can always experiment and come up with innovative chatbot ideas.
  • Zalando, a popular European fashion brand, uses chatbot technology to provide instant order tracking for its customers right after they have made a purchase.
  • Let’s start by looking at chatbot use cases across different business functions.
  • But I’d much rather find the answer on my own, in my own time, without talking to another human.

Conversational AI can offer 24/7 customer support, and that then lets you cater to customers in any time zone, around the clock. Here are a few of the best use cases for conversational AI to improve your customer experience. Discover how user-testing of conversational UI in rural contexts can provide insightful learnings for improving user experience. Specifically on healthcare provider websites, insurance chatbots can act as a 24/7 insurance representative informing patients on whether their insurance plans will cover their treatments or not. It is able to ask users questions about their day, their feelings, and provide insights. It is widely used for behavioral cognitive therapy, where it can help users change their behavior (for example, drug abuse) by transforming their thinking patterns for the better.

Top 10 Chatbot Use Cases That Really Work

Mortgage chatbots can be employed on banking websites to automatically inform clients of their credit score, credit card history, their minimum credit payments, their APR, and credit rewards. Travelers can use travel agencies’ chatbots to book their travels for them, instead of doing it manually. The chatbot would ask them their destination, number of guests, and the time frame to book them a flight or a hotel room based on the given inputs. Marker Bros offers e-commerce retailers a chatbot template that is able to help customers exchange an item they have bought, or give it back for a monetary refund or store credit. Chatbots like Botbot.AI can help organizations enhance the enterprise onboarding process by revealing insights from candidates’ conversational data.

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All you need to know about ERP AI Chatbot.

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Let’s learn about the various Use Cases of Chatbots for 10 different industries right now. Healthcare industry opens a range of valuable chatbot use cases, including personal medication reminders, symptom assessment, appointment scheduling, and health education. These virtual assistants improve patient engagement, streamline administrative tasks, and contribute to evidence-based clinical decision-making. This includes online chat via your website and mobile apps and other social media channels. Use your chatbots as virtual assistants to handle first and second-tier queries like scheduling a credit card payment or checking an account balance. Sentiment analysis is important here because when customers are worried or upset, it’s best to get them to a real person as quickly as possible.

Chatbot use case #10: SaaS

And the easiest way to ask for feedback is by implementing chatbots on your website so they can do the collecting for you. This way, you’ll know if your products and services match the clients’ expectations. Also, you can learn if your clients are satisfied with your customer service. Chatbots are computer software that simulates conversations with human users. Chatbots can be used to communicate with people, answer common questions, and perform specific tasks they were programmed for. They gather and process information while interacting with the user and increase the level of personalization.

Equally as important, they decrease the overall cost of serving consumers. The manufacturer is having difficulties with assembly for one of your new products. Your team is experiencing a high volume of calls and service tickets early in the post-sales lifecycle. As a retail bank, you and your team are likely used to fielding simple questions.

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Chatbots can handle common queries by reducing support tickets and increasing team productivity. Customer feedback is a great source to understand customer wants and align your products and services to match their expectations. They can help your IT help desk to boost team productivity and drive efficiency.

  • With the increased difficulty and threat in the physical visits to the doctors and hospitals, the healthcare industry is now automating.
  • Bots are proficient in resolving common queries while reducing the need for human interaction.
  • The tech can provide accurate data analytics, including customer sentiment, common requests, and feedback, letting you make data-backed decisions to enhance your offerings.
  • This boosts conversations much more than forms as the visitor is also engaged in the conversation and getting an appropriate response to their questions.
  • This is because any anomaly in transactions could cause great damage to the client as well as the institute providing the financial services.
  • Understanding the reasons for churn and making churn- reducing-offers are a good fit for conversational interfaces.

Kuki does not serve any specific purpose, but rather aims to engage and entertain users. It has earned Loebner Prize for ability to have human-like conversations in 2013, 2016 and 2017,2018 and 2019. However, the award, now discontinued, was criticized within the AI community, for being based on subjective assessment of judges after a short conversation with the bots. Recent research showed that 31% of customers turn to social media to make pre-sales inquiries. The question is ‘will you be there to quickly respond to your visitors’ messages? ’ A chatbot can easily solve this problem and recommend the right solution or collect details for further follow-up.

Chatbots help you collect customer feedback efficiently

What’s more, instead of randomly assigning tickets to agents, your chatbot can grab agent data to automate assignments. For instance, your bot can look at agent availability, workload, and past performance to ensure they’re the best agent to handle the customer issue. Adding conversational AI to both your customer service and employee experience strategies will give you an extreme advantage this year and beyond. Whether it’s improving customer service, automating processes, or collecting feedback, the use cases for conversational AI are infinite.

This can be particularly useful for beginner programmers who may be unfamiliar with programming concepts or experienced programmers who are working with a new programming language. Chatbots have an important role to play in this part of the sales funnel. Getting 100% true reviews and feedbacks from customers can be automated.

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Checking for inventory is something a customer can do by searching for and visiting a particular product page. And as for making recommendations, support agents know that coming up with suggestions can take up a lot of time. In this article, we will share with you 25 real-life chatbot use cases in the fields of Customer Service, Marketing and Sales.

Chatbot Use Cases

Bots will take all the necessary details from your client, process the return request, and answer any questions related to your company’s ecommerce return policy. They can encourage your buyers to complete surveys after chatting with your support or purchasing a product. You can generate a high level of engagement by using images, GIFs, and videos. Deploying chatbots on your website, mobile app, WhatsApp, and other platforms can help different industries to streamline some of the processes.

E-Commerce Chatbot Best Practices

This chatbot use case is all about advising people on their financial health and helping them to make some decisions regarding their investments. The banking chatbot can analyze a customer’s spending habits and offer recommendations based on the collected data. Bots can also monitor the user’s emotional health with personalized conversations using a variety of psychological techniques. The bot app also features personalized practices, such as meditations, and learns about the users with every communication to fine-tune the experience to their needs. They can take over common inquiries, such as questions about shipping and pricing. Bots answer them in seconds and only route the more complex chats to specific agents.

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Chatbot Use Cases

Patients are trying to interact via chatbots and safely heal themselves from home. For reference, we would like to define AI chatbots and list their benefits here. According to the Accenture report, conversational bots deliver large ROI with minimal effort required from the company. Conversational AI can understand why customers abandon their carts and provide solutions to encourage checkout.

This takes up most of the time of HR executives leaving them worked up and stressed. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest news on Capacity, AI, and automation technology. Discover how to build a face mask detector using PyTorch, OpenCV, and deep learning techniques.

Chatbot Use Cases

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